Spring is (Sort of) in the Air!


Spring has sprung! Ok, I know it’s still cold today, but it’s officially been spring since Thursday, and the sun is out and birds are chirping! In a couple of weeks it should be about the perfect time to start in on some early spring tree care in Fairfax. Fruit trees, especially, require some extra work for very rewarding (and tasty) results:

Fruit Tree Care in Early Spring

Early-spring maintenance of fruit trees is important to start the growing season correctly and to prepare the trees for healthy, vigorous growth and an abundant harvest. Without early-spring fertilizing, pest and disease control, trunk protection, weeding and mulching…

As soon as we’re sure that no more frosts are coming it’s time to start preparing your fruit trees for the spring and summer months. One of the best things you can do is spray your trees to keeps the bugs off even before they’ve started budding:

“Fruit trees should also receive an application of dormant oil spray before they begin to bud out. Dormant oil is used to control or suppress scale and spider mites on apple and pear trees. Lime-sulphur is used for the same purpose on plum, peach, apricot and cherry. It will also help control peach leaf curl and plum pocket.”

Peach tree branches

For more tips on bug prevention, pruning, and more, read the following:

Spring Care of Fruit Trees

Spring care and maintenance of your fruit trees can reap rewards later in summer. Careful pruning, training, feeding and protection against disease and pests can result in larger, healthier crops. …

Why not use these last few days of cold to plan out how best to care for your trees this spring?

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