Possibly Dangerous Trees


If we have a beautiful old oak tree in our yard many of us would be loath to remove it, even if it might be posing a threat. Sometimes it feels like a crime to chop down something that could be a hundred years old. But have you considered the consequences if the tree should fall during a windstorm? Falling on your own car would be bad enough, but what if it falls on your neighbor’s house, or worse, on your neighbor’s kid? Consider the following:

Is Your Tree A Liability? 

Do you have a tree on your property that has you wondering what would happen if it fell in a storm? What if it fell on your neighbor’s house? Would you have to pay for the damages? This question is asked a lot when wind storms are rolling in and out. …

Big tree

The difficulty is, of course, when to know that you need to have your tree removed. A few weeks ago we discussed this dilemma in the post “Should I Have My Tree Removed”? You might want to glance over that for a few thoughts on the subject. You can also read this article which tells you signs to look for that a tree might be in danger of falling:

6 Signs It Might Be Time to Remove Your Tree

Trees.  They’re shields of protection along the edges of your property. They’re Mother Nature’s masterpieces in your own backyard. They’re beautiful, comforting and unconditional-loving. They’re family. …

You need to be very careful when you examine your trees. Just because a tree is a little sick does not necessarily mean that it is in danger of falling. Some diseases make a tree look horrible but can easily be cured, with the proper care.

Common spring tree diseases – identification & management

You can’t deny it – warm weather, though not consistent, is on it’s way. And this change in the weather can bring changes to your trees as well, but not always for the better – they can introduce pests, make conditions ideal for bacteria & viruses, and encourage decay. …

Always examine your trees carefully before deciding that removal is the only option. But you must never underestimate the danger of a tree that could fall. When it comes down to the decision, do what you know will keep you and your family the safest – even if it means saying goodbye to a favorite tree.

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