Fallen Tree Uses


FirewoodMany of us have faced the problem of having a beautiful tree die or fall over in our yard. We then have to decide what to do with it. If you have a large dead tree that needs to be removed, you should always contact your local Fairfax tree removal company. Tree removal can be very dangerous and should usually only be attempted by professionals. If, however, the tree falls on its own, you have some options for removing it. Probably the most common solution is to chop the tree up for mulch or firewood, which can often then be sold. This article explains how to safely chop up a fallen tree:

What to Do when a Tree Falls Down in Your Yard

Anyone who lives in a house probably has trees near that house. That means that almost any time of year, there is a possibility of a sizable tree falling down in your yard. Trees fall during heavy snows or ice storms. Trees fall during heavy showers or when there is lots of wind. Sometimes, trees just fall down for no apparent reason. …

But before you chop your tree up for mulch, consider your other options. The following article lists thirty possible uses for a dead tree:

30 Uses for a Dead Tree.

If you logged on to your local Craigslist, chances are you’d see at least one household with a dead or recently removed tree, begging for someone to help reuse the material. “Cool,” you’d say, “but what would I do with a dead tree?” …

Sometimes youmay lose a tree that has some sentimental value. Perhaps, for instance, you have fond memories of playing in it as a child, or it was planted by your great-grandfather. If this is the case, you could consider doing something creative with the wood that would allow the tree to be memorialized, and so live on:

7 Ways to Give New Life to Dead Trees in Your Backyard

Growing up, the property neighboring me had a young pear tree that served many functions to the neighborhood kids. In the heat of summer it provided us with shade, it acted as our third base during softball games, and it gave us neighborhood fruit that we’d proudly carry in our shirts home to our mothers. …

Don’t despair next time a tree falls in your yard. Put a little bit of thought into it, and it could turn into a blessing!

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