Celebrity Trees


I ran across this article today about ‘famous trees’ in films, and I had to read it. I thought it was an interesting and creative idea:

The Academy Awards—Trees in Film

Hollywood is only a few weeks away from celebrating one of the largest red carpet events of the year—the Academy Awards. The annual award ceremony will honor the achievements of actors, directors, and many others involved in creating motion pictures. With the faces of Hollywood being recognized for some of their best work…

It got me thinking about the idea of ‘celebrity’ trees, and what trees might be famous for. Different cultures set value in different things, so the reasons behind something being famous are quite widespread. This article shows a number of examples of famous trees, including their backstories:

10 Most Famous Trees in the World
Famous trees come and go. L’Arbre du Ténéré was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth, a landmark on caravan routes in the Sahara, until it was knocked down by a drunk Libyan truck driver in 1973. This year in August, the famous Anne Frank tree in Amsterdam was blown down by high winds during a storm. Luckily, there are still many special trees out there. An overview of the most famous trees in the world. …

I think, however, that trees earn their celebrity status most from how old they can grow. Did you know that there are some trees that have been alive for over 4000 years? That means that they were alive during the Bronze Age! To have lived for 4000 years of history….it’s rather unimaginable. But it’s happened:

MethuselahThe world’s 10 oldest living trees

There are colonies of clonal trees that have lived for tens of thousands of years, but there’s something majestic about a single tree able to stand on its own for millennia. These ancient trees have bore witness to the rise and fall of civilizations, survived changing climates, and even persevered through the fervent development of human industry…

If trees can live for thousands of years, then perhaps we ought to treat them with a little more respect. I don’t mean we all need to go out on wild “save the trees” campaigns. But perhaps we can start simply with practicing proper tree care with the trees in our yards. Who knows – maybe they’ll live another 3000 years!

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