Should I Have My Tree Removed?


If you live in a tree-populated area, as most of us living in Virginia do, knowing when a tree needs to be removed is an important skill. As much as we love our trees, trees that are sick or dying, or large trees right next to the house can be highly dangerous.

Tree fallen through a house

In some cases, dangerous trees are easy to spot – limbs are falling off, the tree is becoming uprooted, it sways dramatically in the slightest breeze, etc. Any of these things are clear indicators that the tree is unstable, and depending on its size and location, should be removed immediately. Premium Lawn and Landscape has an article expounding on these aspects:

Should I Remove my Tree?

Tree removal is done for many reasons.  The most likely being that the tree is dead or a hazard.  Sometimes it is merely because it is unattractive or ugly.  Most trees add color and curb appeal to our properties.  So when and how do we know it is the right decision to remove a tree? …

However, sometimes it’s harder to notice a dangerous tree, which is why knowing how to properly inspect your trees is important. The four main things you ought to thoroughly examine are the tree as a whole, the ground, the trunk, and the canopy. This article discusses further:

How To Spot a Dangerous Tree

Every year, falling trees or branches cause tragic deaths and tens of millions of dollars in property damage. As a result, some homeowners have come to the unfortunate conclusion that they should get their big trees removed. But if the tree is healthy, this isn’t necessarily the best course of action! …

If after a proper inspection you believe that the tree is dangerous, you must now decide whether or not to have it removed. The tree’s size and location are the main things to consider.  If the tree is relatively small and in a remote location, where neither you nor anything on your property (including your house) are at risk if branches drop or the tree falls, then it is most likely fine to leave it. If, however, branches are going to fall on your car or your children, or the tree will take out your living room if it falls, then you should have it removed ASAP.  Contact your local tree removal service today to ensure a clean and safe removal.

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