Creative Planters


When I  think of landscaping,  I generally think of grandiose gardens or lawns, with pristinely trimmed shrubberies and brick/stone patios and walkways. Usually something like this:

Elaborate landscaping

Most of us, however, have neither the time nor the money to create, or even maintain  such a landscape. Bu just because you cannot afford brick walkways does not mean that you can’t have a pretty, simpler landscape of your own. Why not consider doing something creative with planters? Planters can add charm and character to your landscape, without breaking the bank. In fact, you can make some wonderful planters just with things you have around the house. Listotic has twenty-four super creative ideas:

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas

I suppose I’ve never been very creative in the garden; whenever I want to plant something, I always go for a boring old pot! But really, you can make a planter out of just about anything. Why not add a little bit of whimsy and charm to your garden with items you already have around the house? …

If you want to try smaller, decorative planters, perhaps just to decorate your deck or front or porch, you can even use objects you find at a thrift store! This woman was super creative with her $3 Goodwill finds:

Look around your house, see what you can use, and create your own, unique little landscape. Above all, think creatively!

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