Landscaping – Importance and Tips


If you want your house to be noticed, whether you’re trying to sell it or you just want to stand out, landscaping is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. No matter how beautiful your garden in the back yard is, no one driving by is going to notice the house if the front is plain and unadorned. Check out the following video to understand more about why landscaping is important:

 Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of landscaping, why not consider improving it? The following article offers four relatively simple landscaping ideas for the new year:

Four Landscaping Ideas for 2014

A properly developed plan to landscape your home has long been known to add great value both in terms of lifestyle enhancement and resale. What is interesting is how significant that added resale value might be. A few years back, Walt McDonald the past president of the National Association of Realtors was quoted as saying, “When people ask me how they can get strong interest in their property…

 Or, perhaps you’re happy with your current landscaping, but are not sure if you are maintaining it properly. You might be surprised to know that appropriately caring for your landscape in winter can be just as important as caring for it in the summer:

Wintertime Tips to Keep Landscaping Safe

The Professional Landscape Network (PLANET) offers some tips for how to protect your plants during deep freezes and harsh winter storms. Some of them might actually come as a surprise, such as this one: Don’t remove snow from your flower beds; let the snow melt. Digging out plants from under compact snow can actually cause them more harm. …

 Don’t wait – now is the time for action. If you want new landscaping, you have the next month or so of winter to decide what you want done. Or if you just want to maintain what you have, don’t wait until spring and hope that everything comes back to life. Put the work into it now, and be thrilled with your summer blossoms.

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