Hedge Trimming – A DIY Catastrophe?


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a badly-trimmed hedge ruins the appearance of your otherwise-pristine landscaping.  This truth is one that many an inexperience trimmer who bravely attacked his hedge with a chainsaw has learned the hard way. If you are one such unfortunate individual, likely you now understand why such tasks are often best left to the professionals. However, if you are content with less professional results, some trimming tasks are perfectly fine to do on your own. The first thing to understand is that different trimming techniques and tools are required depending on your desired result. View the following video for some tips in this area:


 Another thing to be aware of is that not every kind of hedge needs to be trimmed. Occasionally, simply leaving the hedge to its own devices results in a beautiful, more natural appearance. Kristi Waterworth provides of a list of more ‘informal’ hedges, require little if any trimming:

Hedges That Don’t Need Trimming

Hedges make a yard feel cozy and secure, providing a screen from the outside world. Although the hedges of yesteryear were regularly trimmed, today more hedges are being created from bushes that have beautiful natural forms and don’t need to be trimmed. Your choice of informal hedges can include added benefits such as flowers — and even edible leaves. …

If, however, you want your landscape to be adorned with immaculately trimmed bushes, you would be wise to hire a professional. Read below to understand the full benefits of having it professionally done rather than attempting it yourself:

The Benefits of Hiring Landscapers for Hedge Clipping and Pruning

A hedge is comprised of closely growing bushes. Numerous bushes, shrubs and trees can become hedges with proper maintenance, care and clipping techniques. Any property will be beautified with hedges and other shrubbery that add a touch of class and sophistication. …

To summarize, if you are up for an adventure and do not mind the possibility of having haphazardly-trimmed bushes, by all means acquire the proper tools and do it yourself. But if you want a perfect landscape, then it is time to call in the skilled workers.

Hedge Trimming – A DIY Catastrophe? appeared first on FairfaxTreeService.com.


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