Christmas is Over – What to Do with Your Live Tree


In my family, Christmas isn’t over until nearly all the needles have fallen off the Christmas tree. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but I’m fairly certain that at least once we still had a tree up in February. It just seems like such a waste to take a perfectly good tree into our house for Christmas, only to throw it out a few weeks later.  Fortunately, there are actually many more uses for your leftover Christmas tree than you might realize. This video from The Nature Conservancy discusses a few eco-friendly ways of recycling your tree:

You can also use the tree, or portions of it, to enhance your garden, help with landscaping, or create a good soil bed for spring planting. Did you know that you can even use pine needles as a sort of mulch? The following article suggest a number of creative uses for your dead tree:

10 Uses for Your Dead Christmas Tree

When the holidays are over, take down the tinsel, but don’t bag the tree. Its needles, boughs, and trunk can do more than hold ornaments.  …

Or, do you just want to get the tree out of your yard, but still recycle it? The opening of this article from the National Christmas Tree Association has five options for you to choose from:

Real Christmas Trees are Recyclable

After the holidays, don’t throw your Real Christmas Tree in the trash or set it on the curb. Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes. Here are some recycling options and tips on what to do with your tree after the holidays. Every community is different, but in general, you have these options …

Because a Christmas tree is biodegradable, the possibilities for the tree to be reused in nature are numerous. My dad usually leaves our tree standing on our deck, near the birdfeeder, for a few weeks after Christmas. The birds love it, and it sometimes allows us to see different kinds of birds that would not normally venture so far from the safety of the tree line. So this year, when you’re getting rid of your Christmas tree, don’t just throw it on the side of the road for the trash collectors – be creative!

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