Homemade Wreaths


Are you interested in a fun and creative Christmas decorating craft? Why not consider making your own Christmas wreath to adorn your front door? Wreaths are a beautiful holiday tradition dating back hundreds of years. According to the following article, it is thought that wreaths originated during Grecco-Roman times, if not before.  By the 16th century, Catholics and Pagans were using them to celebrate the time of Advent:A christmas wreath

Ring in the holiday with wreaths 

Wreaths, one of our most traditional holiday decorations, have a classic charm and beauty that works in every home. They can be made from branches, leaves, flowers, fruits or other items that appear together as a ring. …

As the above article states, some people today still find significant meaning in wreaths. Many of us, however, simply like them for their beauty. If you have practiced even mediocre tree care, there should be enough greenery found in your yard to make a simple yet beautiful wreath. Read below for instructions:

DIY: How to Make a Wreath

Fresh greenery wreaths provide the senses with many delights. Not only do they look beautiful, but they perfume the air around them. Pine boughs, ivy, eucalyptus sprays, box hedge stems and ferns are just a few kinds of fresh greenery you can use to make wreaths. …

If you want to add flare or color to your wreath, Better Homes and Gardens has a lot of pictures to give you decorating ideas. You can use ribbons, garlands, berries, pinecones, anything!:

Traditional Evergreen Christmas Wreaths

These ideas will turn a plain pine wreath into a masterpiece!

If you’re feeling even more adventurous and creative, you can check out these forty images from Southern Living of extremely creative wreaths. These, however, will be much more difficult to make:

40 Festive Christmas Wreaths

Welcome your guests with these ideas for festive Christmas wreaths. …

If you’ve never made a wreath before, I suggest you start with something simple before attempting a grandiose project. If it turns out that you have a knack for it, you can always take on a bigger project next time. Good luck!

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