Choosing and Caring for Real Christmas Trees


One of my favorite childhood memories is going Christmas tree hunting every year with my family. We have never once purchased a fake tree – we all much prefer the scent and appearance of real trees. However, if you know nothing about real Christmas trees, looking for one for the first time can be a bit daunting. The first thing to consider is whether you want to get a pre-cut tee, cut your own, or use an actual live tree. The following article expounds on these options:

Choosing Your Christmas Tree

Choosing the family Christmas tree can be a season highlight or headache. Everyone has an opinion and generally, bigger and fuller is seen as better. …

The next step is to research the types of tree available, to find some kinds that you like. One year my family purchased a Douglas Fir. The tree was absolutely beautiful, but the branches were so flimsy that all our decorations ended up in a pile around the base of the tree. That wasn’t nearly as bad, however, as the time we tried a Blue Spruce. The needles were so sharp that we all ended up wearing work gloves just to decorate it! Needless to say, knowing a bit about the tree types ahead of time is never a bad idea. Read further for the ups and downs and the most common Christmas trees:

Christmas Tree Types

For many, the yearly adventure of trudging off, bundled with hats and scarves to pick the perfect Christmas tree has long been a family tradition not to be missed. While most people have a routine to selecting their tree, we asked Rick Dungey from the National Christmas Tree Association to give insight on what is new for the season and what tips he has for making your tree last the whole season. …

Once you’ve chosen the form and type of tree you’d like, it’s time to dress warm and go out and pick one. Check out this video for some helpful tips on picking a healthy tree that will last as long as possible:

Finally, once you’ve gotten the tree home, you will need to mount it, decorate it, and maintain proper tree care. This article provides some good tips:

How to Care for a Christmas Tree

When you choose to decorate your home with a real Christmas tree, there are steps you can take to keep the tree green, healthy and safe throughout the holiday season. If you love the characteristic aroma of an evergreen tree, here’s how to take care of its source. …

Despite the amount of work that a real tree can be, it is worth every bit of it. A plastic tree will look fake, but a real tree will add a warmth and light to your living space, not to mention a lovely, Christmasy scent, that can’t be matched. Why not try something new this holiday season?

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