Thankful for Trees


What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving? That’s a question we’ve all heard, to which most people answer, “my family,” “my spouse,” “my job,” “a safe home,” etc. But there are so many other things in our lives that we take completely for granted. For instance, as cheesy as it may sound, have you ever thought about being thankful for trees? Trees benefit us socially, economically, and naturally, among other things.  I’d say that list warrants a bit of thankfulness.

Trees benefit us socially because of all the uses we have for wood and other things that come from trees. So many things in our everyday lives that we take for granted, such as aspirin, come in part from trees. The following article discusses some of these creations:

Thanksgiving: A day to be thankful for trees!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate trees! As you and your family gather together pause this weekend to celebrate the holiday, give thanks for trees and the many, many products they provide. …

In addition to what we can do with trees, trees provide a great deal for us just by their existence, without us having to do anything (aside from maybe the occasional pruning to keep them in peak health).  In some areas, trees even help us economically – their shade reduces energy costs, and they can increase property value.

And of course, trees benefit us naturally, as we owe our continued existence in part to the oxygen they provide. This article lists the top five natural ways in which trees assist us:

The top 5 reasons we are thankful for trees

Another year has flown past us and our trees have been very busy providing us with all sorts of gifts. We love Santa, but with trees we don’t even have to make a list or wait for Christmas for our gifts. As long as we are nice (and not naughty) to them, they provide us with amazing benefits–and all year long! …

Finally, trees are a natural blessing to us simply because of the incredible beauty they add to our world. On this Thanksgiving day, look at the following video expressing this beauty, and remember to be thankful for the beauty of trees. Happy Thanksgiving.

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