Rose Hip Tea


I don’t know about you, but I’ve often wondered what those weird, red, bulbous things are that grow on rose bushes after the roses are gone. Some of them can supposedly be rather pretty, but the ones that I see are usually pretty ugly. Well, the other day I came across an article informing me that they’re actually rose hips. It’s funny, I’ve known the name ‘rose hips’ for a long time, but I never actually stopped to think about what they are. As it turns out, rose hips actually have a lot of uses, and this time of year is prime rose hip season. Here’s the article I found, if you’re interested:

Rose Hips – What are They and What Can You Do with Them?
Rose hips are the seed pods of roses. They look like small crab apples and make good food and a great source of vitamin for us and the birds. Here’s how to …

Coming from a family of tea snobs, once I read that you can use them to make rose hip tea, I of course had to delve further. If you’ve got dried rose hips, you can make it about 10 minutes! Here’s a video showing you how:

Of course, if you’re drying your own rose hips it will take a bit longer. But it actually looks like drying them is pretty easy. Check out this super easy how-to guide:

How to Dry & Store Rose Hips for Rose Hip Tea
Rose Hip Tea (Rosa canina) is so refreshing and packed with vitamins and minerals. A great hot Winter time drink. Delicately sweet, this is one of my favourites, …

So if you’re looking for a fun and educational fall activity to do with the kids,  or if you’re just feeling a bit rustic, why not give it a try? And if tea isn’t your thing, you could always check out this recipe for making rose hip jams and jellies. What better way to spend a chilly fall day than industriously making tea and jam, and then getting to sit around a fire in the evening indulging in it? I know what I’M going to do today…

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