Tree Care For Preventing Winter Damage


There’s no doubt that trees often become brittle during the winter. The leaves fall off during autumn and then the tree goes into a sort of hibernation. It’s at this time that trees lose their flexibility and become much more brittle and likely to break from wind, snow, and ice.

They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this goes for trees as well. Following is an article about how caring for tree now can save it from damage during this fragile time.

A little tree care today can prevent a lot of winter damage later on
Winter weather can mean frigid temperatures, icy winds, and snow in many parts of Washington State. While we can choose to stay inside or bundle up and venture forth, trees don’t have that option; they withstand the elements as best they can.

You can also add some additional support for young trees by fixing tree straps and supports:

With just a little planning and effort, you can decrease the chances of your trees becoming damaged in a nasty winter storm. Spend some time protecting your trees, they’ll be eternally grateful.

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