Tree Care News For Mid October


So we have decided to begin blogging! We try to keep up with the latest tree care industry news and often read some pretty interesting articles about all things relating to trees, gardening, landscaping, and forest conservation.

We figured that there had to be some people in our service area that would find this stuff interesting too, so we’re going to make an effort to post regularly here on our blog. We were thinking once a week or bi-weekly… Not sure of the frequency yet.

Anyway, here is an interesting piece about Washington DC’s fall foliage map:

Rake up the fall color with D.C.’s tree foliage map
As the start of October often marks the rapid onset of fall, we have decided to celebrate the changing seasons by highlighting some of D.C.’s most colorful corridors in a new fall color map. As a visual guide, the map provides suggested viewing routes for five vibrant species.

And since fall is here, we thought that this would be a good article to share about planting now to enjoy next spring:

Four Fall Plantings for a Beautiful Spring
Do you suffer from spring landscape envy? Does it seem like every time the weather starts warming up from winter, your neighbors have bursts of colorful blooms in their garden and you don’t? Fall plantings must take place months prior to spring so that you can reap the rewards after the chilly months.

So this is the type of posts that we plan on publishing every week or two. So what do you think? Should we keep this up? If so, what types of articles would you like to see on our site? A little input from our clients would help us create content that you want to read.

Oh yeah, and do us a favor and hit the share button for your favorite social network so others can chime in!

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